Save time.
Save your sanity.

Show me how it works.

1. Manage by Phone, iPad or Computer

2. Auto-syncs updates to App and School Website

3. If required, Message via SMS or Email to Subscribers

CIMarketing understand the frustration of creating fixtures and sending last minute notifications to parents. We know because we work closely with over 35 educational facilities in Australia. Wet weather phone line updates, complex excel spreadsheets, last minute website updates on Saturday morning - the headache is real.

The School FixturesTM App is designed to be a simple management, communication and alert tool all in one. Update an event once - and let our solution send that information to the app, to your website and via email and SMS (for any last minute changes) to all subscribed parents.

If you think you could benefit, organise a demonstration or get our information pack and pricing emailed out.

Looks great, tell me more.

Yes, Please have someone contact me about the School FixturesTM App.